Long Arm Quilting Services & Prices

Pricing varies by quilt size and quilting design. Pricing is figured by square inches (length X width) which makes the math much easier and more accurate than square feet or square yards. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I can provide you with both a quote and an estimated completion date. It is always better to ask before, rather than after you have delivered your quilt, as this will prevent delays in turnaround time on your quilt.

When comparing my per square inch price, please understand that is the price. I have NEVER charged a loading fee, needle fee, thread fee, density fee. If there is a pattern you want me to use that I don’t have, I don’t charge you for it. You won’t have sticker shock when you pick up your quilt because of a low per square inch fee that is subsidized by hidden fees for things that are required to do your quilt.

Machine Quilting Rates

  • I can help you decide on a quilting style based on your budget, taste, and quilt top pattern.

  • The minimum pricing for machine quilting is $.025 per square inch or $60, whichever is greater. You can choose from our design library of 1000s of patterns, or I can create a custom pattern for you for an additional charge.

  • The minimum for custom quilting is $75 regardless of size.

  • The minimum pricing for ruler work or stitch in the ditch is $.04 per square inch or $75, whichever is greater.

  • Custom work starts at $.0375 per square inch or $75, whichever is greater. Custom work includes any quilt top with a flange, border treatments, dense free-motion quilting, or multiple block treatments in the body of the quilt. Please contact me for a quote.

Batting Prices

  • I carry Hobbs Heirloom Batting in the 96" width at $11.00 a linear yard, 108” width at $11.50 a linear yard, and 124" width (king) for $12.00 a linear yard.

  • Please note that I will NOT quilt on Mountain Mist. You've invested far too much time to skimp on the batting just because no one will see it.

Finishing Services and Fees

Binding Fees

  • Make straight grain binding from your fabric: $15.00

  • Make bias binding from your fabric: $20.00

  • Machine apply only, for you to finish: $20.00 for under 5000 square inches and $25.00 for over 5000 square inches

  • Machine apply for me to hand finish: The above rate PLUS $3.00 per linear foot

  • Machine apply for me to machine finish: The aboce rate PLUS $2.50 per linearfoot

Piece Backings

  • $15.00 per seam

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Pressing: $25.00

  • Repair a seam before it is loaded: $15.00

  • Repair a seam during machine quilting: $20.00

  • Shipping and handling: Actual postage, plus $5.00

Consulting and Group Lesson Rates

Consulting and Group Lesson Rates for Long Arm Machine Quilters

  • Consulting is available for $75/hour.

  • Phone support is available for $50.00/hour.

  • Group lessons are available in 4 hour blocks for $300.00, not including travel and lodging expenses.

Proper Preparation Saves You Money!

The best thing you can do to save yourself money is to follow these easy long arm quilting preparation guidelines.

  • Press the quilt top well and trim off dangling threads.

  • Make sure seams are secure.

  • Stay stitch the outside edge to stabilize, especially bias edges.

  • Make sure borders lie flat. I charge $20 to fix a ruffled border.

  • Prepare backing by making it at least 8 inches wider and longer than the quilt top. Example: Quilt top measures 80 x 90, then backing and batting should measure 88 x 98.

  • Trim off selvages on backing seams only to avoid puckering on your quilt top. Leave the outer selvages uncut as it makes it easier to load onto the machine.