Quilting Glossary

Custom Quilting

Anything that isn’t edge to edge, allover, pantograph, etc. One common request that counts as custom quilting is “Just do one thing in the body and something different in the borders.” Ruler work, multiple quilt features in sashings, corner stones, borders, blocks, and multiple thread colors also qualify as custom quilting.

Edge to Edge (e2e)

This is a quilting pattern that is continuous from one edge of the quilt to the other. I can scale the pattern for density based on the number of repeats and rows we program the pattern to do in the size of your quilt.

Interchangeable terms include: pantograph (pantos), allover, and border to border (b2b).

Free-Motion Quilting

I just let my brain tell my hands where and what to quilt without regard to the piecing of the quilt top. I’ve been told I make it look easy, but years of practice have made that possible.

Gang Loading

You have multiple smaller pieces that can be put on one load of backing fabric. This is wonderful if you’re doing place-mats and a coordinating table runner, matching pillow shams for your quilt top, multiple baby quilts, etc. I will just add the square inches together and charge you accordingly rather than having multiple minimum charges. Please call in advance (of cutting the backings for each item) for instructions on how to do this money-saving technique. 

Example of Gang Loading

Meandering & Stippling

Meandering is created by a freehand motion and often looks like puzzle pieces. Stippling, though similar in its freehand roots, is very dense and intense and should not be confused with meandering.

Ruler Work

This requires adding an attachment to the machine that allows us to firmly control the machine as we guide it along the edge of an acrylic template or ruler. This creates very exact designs and lines for a more traditionally quilted look.

Stay Stitching

This is a stitch 1/8” all around the edge of your quilt top to stabilize it and minimize ruffling of the outer edge. This stitching technique is especially helpful on quilts with bias edges.

Turn Around Time

The amount of time it takes for us to quilt and return your project back to you. It typically takes about 2 weeks on e2e projects and about 4 weeks on custom projects.